About Us

In 2019, the Wichita Poker Club emerged as a unique poker haven in Wichita, Kansas. It all began with a close-knit group of poker enthusiasts who sought to create an experience that went beyond the cards on the table.

Imagine a cozy room, where cards shuffle softly, and excitement fills the air. The Wichita Poker Club was established with the idea of not just playing poker but fostering camaraderie and unforgettable moments.

Our distinct approach quickly garnered attention. We became known for more than just the game; we became a community where friendships blossomed. Players who started as strangers soon felt like family.

Over the years, we expanded our reach, welcoming poker lovers from all backgrounds. We hosted weekly tournaments, each a story of its own – a mix of competition, laughter, and shared experiences. Responsible gaming was at the core of our principles, and we provided resources to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.

The Wichita Poker Club isn’t just a poker venue; it’s a place of belonging. It’s where the love for poker intertwines with building lasting friendships. Join us and be a part of the ongoing narrative of the Wichita Poker Club, where the game transcends cards and the players are more than just participants; they’re a cherished part of our poker family