Why Having The Dealer Button Is A Huge Advantage

If you are new to the world of poker or Texas Hold’em, you have probably heard of how strategic the game is. However, one feature that is often underestimated by beginners is the position on the table, especially the dealer. Let’s dive deep into why having the dealer is a significant advantage in a game of poker.

Positional Awareness

In poker, acting last is a significant advantage. The player on the button is the last to act in three out of the four betting rounds (excluding the first one). This advantage gives the player crucial additional information, allowing them to see how many opponents stay in the hand, the size of their bets, and whether they appear strong or weak.

Greater Range Of Hands

The dealer button is the position of honor at the poker table, and it’s not just because it’s closest to the dealer. It’s also because being on the button means you have the last action before everyone else acts, which is a huge advantage in poker.

When it comes to high-stakes games, this is especially important for those who want to play aggressively. If you’re on the button, you can be sure that your opponent will be playing carefully—which means he or she will play tighter than normal. This allows you to raise their bets with more confidence knowing that they won’t call unless they have a good hand.

Control Over The Pot

The dealer button can control the size of the pot. With the benefit of acting last, the dealer has an opportunity to raise the bet and possibly take down the pot without contest or to control the pot’s size depending upon the strength of their hand and the projected strength of their opponent’s hands.

Bluffing Opportunities

It can bluff strategically. With the last action advantage, the dealer can make a well-informed decision on whether to bluff based on other players’ actions. If everyone else at the table appears to have weak hands, the button may take this opportunity to bluff.


The role of the dealer goes far beyond a mere marker on the poker table. Mastering the art of how to play “on the button” can give you a huge advantage, exploiting positional play to take control and put pressure on your opponents. 

It’s important to understand the substantial strategic advantages associated with the dealer—the power of position—in Texas Hold’em poker. If used strategically, these advantages can dramatically tilt the odds in your favor, making the difference between a winning and losing session. So, the next time you sit down at a poker table, give the dealer the respect it deserves!